singing softly, late at night

Hypothesis: it is inevitable that having children would impact the volume – and hence the style – of our music. The rock and roll days are past – not that we won’t or don’t still rock out on occasion (can one “rock” the melodica, I wonder?), but things do change.  Styles change. Bodies change. Preferences too. Rooms change. Conversations (we used to talk about theology and world cinema; now it has a lot to do with discipline and bodily functions). Kids induce and heighten all this…

When do you rehearse? Well, between getting the boys in bed and getting ourselves in bed, of course.  So what does an Italics rehearsal sound like? you ask…

…like muted melodies and hushed harmonies…whispered words and faint strumming (fingers; no picks! too loud!)…like conspirators plotting under the cover of darkness…like two lovers engaged in their most intimate act/art, trying desperately not to disturb the two by-products of that love sleeping down the hall…

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  1. Dan McLean

    Cool site bro. Thanks for putting in the effort . I enjoyed your compositions immensely. BTW, if you practice loud the kids will get used to it and sleep anyway.

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