Use the Contact Form…or email us, or call +1 (937) 510.7807. We look forward to hearing from you about your idea or event & exploring how we might lend our art to whatever you are creating.

We love making music, in just about any context you can imagine. Most of our performances fall into one of two categories, or something of a hybrid of the two:

  • WORSHIP SETS, wherein we create participatory corporate worship experiences for groups & local communities. Musically, we bring an ancient-future mix of contemporary songs & traditional hymns in a simple yet eclectic acoustic-driven style.
  • ORIGINAL SETS, wherein we share material we have written, along with some of our own arrangements of songs we love but didn’t write sprinkled in. For these sets, we have played everything from coffee houses to wedding receptions & even a party or two on a riverboat (seriously).

We are a “family band.” When you book The Italics, you’re always getting Brannon & Gloria: our voices & our trunk-ful of instruments.  However, on request, we can bring “adopted family members” to create a more full-band vibe.  This is most practical for gigs reasonably near our home-base in the midwest (we’re about an hour NE of Indianapolis), but we also have a plethora of musician friends in Nashville, so we can assemble our extended middle-Tennessee family for shows in the southeastern USA as well.  It all depends on desire, budget, logistics, etc…it’s probably easiest if we just talk it over!

In addition to music-making, we are both passionate about the art of communication.  We are always energized by the opportunity to create meaningful, participatory worship and/or learning experiences for groups. We make ourselves available to collaborate & customize such experiences for local communities to meet your particular needs.  From practical training & equipping to inspirational teaching, some of the diverse speaking topics we can present include:


  • Worship as spiritual formation
  • The spirituality of the creative life
  • Everyday sacramentality: finding God in ordinary things
  • How two PKs* survived the parsonage and why we still love the church


  • Maximizing the strengths of small(er) churches in worship
  • “Pillow-Talk” for ministry couples
  • A holistic approach to worship leadership
  • Style & blend for vocal groups (small or large)
  • Crafting compelling worship experiences
  • Working with instrumental groups in worship

(Brannon is also available to speak/teach on a variety of subjects related to theology, literature, the arts, and popular culture; see for more information.)

*preacher’s kids